Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthdays are so special!

I love birthdays! Especially mine! Why you might ask? Because it is a day to celebrate me of course! I think birthdays are so special because they are a day to celebrate the person who was born and that they are still alive and blessed with another year. Jared on the other hand was saying it’s a day to celebrate your mother’s anniversary of pain of giving birth. But I am sure my mom agrees with me that it’s not about the pain but the joy of the child.

I had another great birthday this year! Except for the part where I had to work but such is life. My birthday started the night before with talking to my mom on the phone. Growing up she would always make sure to get a last hug and kiss from her (insert age) girl. Now that we don’t live so close she calls me and makes sure that she gets to talk to her (insert age) girl. It is a special tradition to me and means a lot.

Jared and I put a party together with the help of his sister Heather (thank you so much Heather for going to the store! That really helped us out a lot). After we got home from work we went into high gear and worked on getting our house clean and presentable. I am not the world’s greatest house keeper but more to come on that later. I must say I was pretty impressed with what we got done in less than 2 hours.

We were still tidying up when people showed up but that is ok. It’s family! We had my family and Jared’s family over. My house can be a bit of a tight squeeze but it seemed to be okay. I thought we would be outside but the weather made us change our plans a bit. Jared fired up the grill and was outside with his dad making hamburgers and hotdogs. While everyone else picked at food and visited.

After awhile we went downstairs to open presents with my grandparents (Nana & Boppa). Nana can’t do stairs right now so they were hanging out downstairs watching the ball game. I got a lot of really nice stuff from silk scarves to calendars to journals to homemade cards to a piano. I must say I am spoiled and I am ok with that.

Not too long after presents we did cake and ice cream. I have not been eating sugar (like cakes, cookies and ice cream) so it was a real treat. And Heather picked out an amazing cake! Chocolate with chocolate and chocolate! How can you go wrong?! And with homemade chocolate ice cream from Aunt Carolyn! Thank you!

Once everyone had left I ended the evening calling my mom and opening my present from her. Another tradition! I open Christmas and birthday presents on the phone with her. Even though she is far away I keep her close.

Thanks everyone for a great birthday! Another year has come and gone and it is great because of all of you!

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