Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christmas Crafts in July

Okay so I've debated and tossed the idea around back and forth about blogging about an email I got shortly after my last posting. But I can't put it off any longer (I was actually just waiting to have some down time ;) ).

Almost immediately after I did my posting about Christmas music in July I got an email from Jo-Ann Stores about Handcrafted Holiday gifts and crafts. It was fate wasn't it? What makes it even funnier is my mom forwards it to me just to make sure I got it and then we started googling or bing'ing for Christmas crafts. My mom knows my heart because I had spent the day looking at my book I had mentioned for Christmas ideas. I've made my Christmas list and it is long. I've got to get moving with the creative juices. :)

Anyways so the email actually said some things that were right on par with my thoughts and feelings that I was trying to describe. It says, "Christmas is about thoughtfulness, generosity and goodwill; attributes most sewing and crafting enthusiasts carry in their hearts all year. Without a snowflake or sleigh bell in sight, many have already begun to browse shelves, flip through books and search the World Wide Web with visions of Christmas future dancing in their heads.
If you, too, are dreaming of a crafted Christmas…just like the ones we used to know, then Christmas in July is an ideal starting point for making your holidays merry and bright."

What more can I say? Let the crafting begin! If you need a place to get some ideas here ya go ... maybe I'll start posting my creations as I go to help inspire too. We shall see because we all know I have so much time.

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