Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stupid People, Toilets, Heat and Technology

I have a few things to get off my chest that I must rant about! I needed to do this last night but ran out of time.

I am so tired of working with stupid people. I swear I am a magnet for them at work. I must have a sign that says "Emily is a patient, loving, kind, an even temperament person who does not mind working with stupid people." No matter what job or position I am in they flock to me like a moth to a candle. What am I supposed to learn? To be more patient, to be more understanding, to be more humble???? I am just amazed at the lack of common sense and the ability to read through an email and not understand what seems so black and white to me. Or to not have the decency to send a cancellation for a meeting instead of wasting someones time and not tell them you can't make it. Yesterday I reached my max of stupid people!

Let me paint you a are at a store and all of a sudden your bladder hits you and you must go right now. You quickly walk to the front of the store to use the restroom. Walking into the restroom you see only a stall or two open and dive into the first one. Not looking you sit down and instead of feeling relief your bum feels damp. Why didn't you think to look before you sat down?! You hope it's water and not someones urine. You stand up and dry your bum off and turn around to flush the toilet and it sprays onto the seat and gets your foot wet too. At least you know it was water (or you feel a lot more confident it is).

Let me paint you another similar are in a restroom that is a one stall restroom and you get up after you are done doing your business (#1). You reach for the handle on the toilet and it flushes barely. So you try again but still nothing goes down. You wait a moment so you can let the water reservoir fill up. Again you try a third time and you think it is going to go and you are sadly mistaken. Isn't the third time supposed to be the charm? Okay fine you hold the handle down now and wait until all the toilet paper is gone. Finally you wash up and leave the restroom and someone is waiting in the hall and looks at you funny. You think to yourself if only you knew what you were getting yourself into! Good luck flushing that toilet lady! I hope someone looks at you like that!

Have you ever experienced either of these types of experiences? Seriously can't we have a toilet that you push the handle and it flushes and when it does flush not spray everywhere so that the toilet gets wet.

Anyways what is the deal with this heat? I do not live in Idaho or Utah or any desert for a reason! I like even cool temperatures. Don't get me wrong I love the sunshine but a nice 70-75 degree range is perfect. Not 85-105! I was mowing my yard two days ago and was doing okay and then I walked into my house and sat down at the computer for a few moments and almost immediately I felt sweat rolling down my backside. EEEWWWWWW!! I think an investment in central air conditioning is a wise investment for our home. Even if we don't get all that many hot days I rather not sweat to death when it is warm out. We have certainly helped to boost the economy. With the heat we have not wanted to cook so we eat out, go shopping to stay cool and drive around just to be in the AC. It's been a spendy couple of days. When we got home yesterday our thermometer said it was 90 degrees in our room and 103 outside I believe and 85 in the hallway. Crazy!!! I had to sleep upside down to get cool enough to go to sleep it made it so I was closer to the fan. Jared doesn't like it when I do that because my feet are in his face and let's face it I am not a still sleeper. I am a mover and a shaker but at least I haven't shoved my toe in his mouth unlike someone I know. :P

Okay last rant for the day! Sorry no good transitions for any of them...I love technology I really do! I mean I get to share information with people via an email instead of having to make 10 phone calls, I can research information on how to get wax off a wall, I can call my husband when lost in a new state, and so many other things. But when they don't work it's the end of the world as we know it. I work at Microsoft and I have been going crazy lately by the issues I have been having with my computer. I will receive emails late like 3-4 hours or get someones response to an email before I get the original email. Miss an email completely or my computer will freeze. My job is solely dependent upon my computer when working so when it does freeze then I am stuck staring at it thinking or saying out loud "You stupid piece of junk!" Seriously I hate how dependent I have become upon technology some days. I go crazy when things don't work the right way and quickly when I want them to. I know take a deep breath Emily it's an inanimate object but it still gets to me.

I feel so much better getting that off my chest. That's such an interesting comment because it's not really on my chest it was just in my mind...anyways I feel better venting or ranting on.


  1. What you don't like being kicked in the face? I bet Jared doesn't. Hahaha. What memories.....Love you. Megan

  2. Hilarious! You truly are a girl after my own heart. I am so dependent on technology too. Way too much. We were recently waiting on an all important deposit into our account and one morning we got up to check and the internet was down. So we called the bank and the banks computers were down. It really got me thinking that we as a society are way too reliant on computers. That day, according to the computer, we didn't have any money in the bank as far as they were concerned. We were the only ones that knew. Do you think they would take our word for it? We're honest people right?! Oh, and the heat! AC all the way! Definitely central air. NEVER again will I buy a house without it! Don't you think it should just come standard in all homes? I mean they have to put the heater in, why not just do the air while they're at it? Stupid people!!

  3. Believe me, you're not the only one with e-mail problems. Ever since my e-mail got migrated over to one of the Exchange Dogfood servers I've been having all the same e-mail ptoblems. It's one of the pitfalls that comes with working for a huge company that makes just about everything you can possibly think of. They like to test out stuff on the employees, and oftentimes it can be a pain to deal with. Fortunately, I can usually work around it by using communicator (I figure since that's what I'm actually working on these days most of the people on my team will probably be using it at any given point.)


  4. You are so funny! Even when you are on a rant I love the way you write. All points are well taken and so very true and has happened to all of us.

    I do live in Idaho and have central air and a swamp cooler. The swamp cooler works great as long as the humidity level is low and it is cheaper to operate. But I prefer the central air conditioning.

    Keeping cool at any cost is the goal!

  5. Meredith - I would hope they would take your word for it. Because the customer is always right right?!

    Brian - Oh thank you for letting me know! I've been going crazy for weeks not knowing why my email has just gone out the window.

    Mom - Of course I am funny! I get it from you you silly momma!

    Keeping cool is the name of the game! AC is a must have!