Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Roughly 5 months old

Okay so I am not the world’s greatest housekeeper. My sister Cathy just realized this last weekend. I told her before we went into my house to please forgive my mess because my house was a disaster. She basically ignored that because I apparently say it all the time and she thinks my house is immaculate. Well her jaw kind of dropped when she came in and said something along the lines of that I am normal after all. She really appreciated the fact that my house was truly a disaster. We had to do a little cleaning before we could buckle down and sew.
Then on my birthday Jacki mentioned something about the box of Nilla Wafers on top of my fridge. She said they had been there forever I said not longer than 6 months and today while looking at the box I recalled when I got them. I got them in February for St. Patrick’s Day so they have been up there for roughly 5 months. That is better than forever but Jacki has a point they are pretty stale I bet. They will go in the garbage today Jacki.

I do enjoy cleaning my house but some days I am just too tired and lazy. Every time you clean something it gets dirty. I was laundry and before I know it the laundry is all dirty again. I clean up the kitchen and another mess is made. I straighten up the living room and as Jared calls it Hurricane Emily comes running through. I am better at making messes I think than cleaning them. But it is a work in progress to clean things and stay on top of it. Right now my house is still decent from my party on Monday. I got my downstairs closet cleared out of garbage, items sorted for the DI and reorganized this last weekend. Next I’ve got my Studio, the spare bedroom, the office, and the upstairs closet.

Well I should probably go work on one of those rooms and stop writing.

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