Sunday, June 13, 2010

2 weeks and a graduate

Olga's graduation was yesterday. Jared and I felt a little weird going to graduation for a Senior when we had a 2 week old baby. We new it would happen that way since September but it was still pretty weird. We decided to walk to the graduation since we knew traffic and parking would not be great. It turned out good for us anyways since we hadn't taken our daily walk (we are trying to take Benjamin out for walks each day when it's nice). We got there just on time to see the graduates coming in or should I say walking down the track. They walked the track 2 at a time in no specific order. Olga walked in with her friend Jessica.

Jared and I walked around trying to keep Benjamin asleep in his stroller. We took turns taking pictures of Olga like the paparazzi.
It took us like 15 minutes to find Olga after everything was done. But we finally found her and took some pictures together before we headed home.


  1. Yes!!A cute little baby two weeks old and a little graduate too!haha it's just cool huh??hehe thanks for coming guys it meant a lot!!and the pictures are awesome i love the one with my little "bro":) love you!!


  2. Congratulations Olga! and congrats Emily for having a graduate already. lol
    That baby sure is cute!