Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pictures of Benjamin Michael

Alright some pictures of Benjamin, finally. I personally think he is adorable and perfect in every way (I know I'm a little biased though). I am still having moments where I go..."Oh my gosh, he is here and really mine. I have my very own child!"
I hope you enjoy the pictures below.


  1. I LOVE these pictures! I feel like I get to see what he really looks like with his little eyes open! ADORABLE! I want to come hold him!!!!

  2. LOVE that baby! He is so sweet! I'm such a proud Aunt!

  3. Oh Emily and Jared!!!! Benjamin is SOO adorable! Wow! I love his hair!! He's so tough lookin already!!! Love it!! I really love this pictures! I wish we were there to hold him and help out!! Babies are wonderful, but lots of work as you know! ;) Love and miss you guys!!! Hopefully we'll get over there to visit soon!!!!!!!