Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

Father's day we woke up to Benjamin around 7am. I got up and took care of him and tried to let Jared sleep in. That didn't last very long of course and I couldn't wait to give him his Father Day gift or gifts. Jared and I had gone shopping the day before together and while I shopped for him he took Benjamin and found him a wonderful Sunday outfit. When I gave Jared his bag he felt it and I asked him what he thought I got him. He guessed right. A tie. Well partially right. I bought him 5 ties to be exact. Different colors and patterns. He put them on display for Benjamin to look at which entertained him for a little bit.

I made bacon and eggs for breakfast along with blueberry muffins that are really delicious. So moist!! We gave Benjamin his bath and got things together to go to church. It was week 3 and we were going to go to church for all 3 hours. I was a little nervous.

Anyways after church I made myself a sandwich and Jared the last pizza in the freezer. He is trying to get rid of all the food in the house that I cannot eat. Way to take one for the team. :)

We hung out doing different things and then I made dinner for Jared. Homemade chicken nuggets and salad. It was wonderful.

Jared is an amazing Father. I knew he would be because he is so great with kids but I cannot express how my heart feels when I watch him with Benjamin. He talks to him, cuddles with him, comforts him and ensures he is safe. Benjamin and I are both very blessed to have Jared in our lives.

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