Saturday, June 19, 2010

Punch Dub

Jared and I drove to Snohomish to do some shopping today. While traveling down Hwy 2 we started to notice an absurd amount of VW cars and other European cars like BMW and Audi's. There would be batches of these cars in a row and then sometimes every other car or every 3-5 cars. It was insane. VW cars were definitely the majority of the European cars we saw. I told Jared it's a good thing we aren't playing punch dub. Do you know what punch dub is? It's like slug bug but it's for any VW car. We would have been really sore if we were playing punch dub while driving into and through Monroe.
On the way back from Snohomish I saw a sign on the back of a truck that said, "Buy a gun and piss off a liberal." I started laughing and looked at Jared and he smiled. He knew exactly why I was laughing.

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  1. This would explain it:

    One of the local VW groups organizes an annual drive out to Leavenworth, and it looks like it was today.