Friday, June 11, 2010

Tough on the heart

Being a mom is tough on the heart. I've been getting glimpses of what our Heavenly Father's love for us must be like. I don't think I will ever completely comprehend it but I've seen some glimpses.
Today we had to take Benjamin to the Dr. to get his PKU and I prayed before leaving that I would be able to be strong. I might have been strong in some way but listening to my sweet baby boy cry at the top of his lungs as they poked his foot and squeezed the blood out my heart just swelled. I wished I could endure it for him. I wished that I could take it all away. I know it's for the best and that he had to have the test but it broke my heart to watch him in pain. My eyes burned and I tried to breathe the impending tears away but I couldn't. The tears just started to flow down. As soon as I could I had Benjamin in my arms trying to comfort and calm him down. Jared had his arm around me to try and comfort me too.
Benjamin is just so adorable. We love watching him smile and looking around. We really love watching him sleep and cuddling with him.


  1. You are right, it is tough on the heart. When Brian was a day old and we were still in the hospital I remember I sobbed because I knew life would be a hard thing and I was worried about him. Benjamin is part of a great family with a whole lot of people who love him. He is very blessed and I'll bet he has forgotten about getting poked.

  2. hey girl its me jeanette you did way better than i did lol on clarissa first shots i couldnt even watch pauls mom came with and held clarissa for me!