Friday, March 4, 2011

9 Month Stats

Benjamin was 9 months on Monday! We had a fun trip to the Dr's. He is on cold # 3 we think for the season and found out that children can get 8-9 colds back to back and they last about 2 weeks. Oh joy!

Below are his stats. He is actually starting to go down to the middle section.
Weight:21lb 4 oz 64%
Height: 28.1 inches 47%
Head Circumference: 18 inches 64%

Benjamin's favorite fruit to eat is bananas. If there's bananas in it he is a happy eater.

Benjamin still loves bath time but doesn't like the end of the bath time routine. The part where diapers go on and PJ's. It's kind of comical because he will be fine and happy until his feet touch the bed.

He loves to play under the blankets now with us. He can be by himself or with us either way it makes for a fun game.

Benjamin has walking down to about 3-4 steps sometimes more. He needs to work on that balance a bit more.

He still enjoys chomping on my chin but with the teeth on the bottom now I am not such a fan anymore myself.

He loves to jump on the bed between Jared and I. We will stand across from each other and do a 1...2...3...wee...on wee he jumps up and across the bed to the other person. He loves it!

Benjamin has become a beggar. He begs to eat whatever we are eating and we will sometimes indulge but sorry can't have Daddy's peanut butter.

He only needs one hand now and will throw the second hand away when walking around now.

He has gone down to 1 nap a day for today and yesterday but we will see how that pattern holds out. It was still 2-3 before that.

He fits 9-18 month clothes.

Benjamin is not great at sleeping in his bed anymore. The Dr. said 7-10 nights of tough love with an hour of screaming at 2am should fix that. Ick!

He is a very determined, opinionated boy. He is quickly figuring out how to climb things and learning the cause and effect of some of his toys.

We still love being Benjamin's parents. It is the greatest thing in the world!

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