Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Pictures

This blog may not necessarily flow...because it's just some random shots with details about the day or event or something.
Benjamin trying to get to a toy through the stool on March 12th. He eventually got stuck and I had to rescue him which proved difficult.

Benjamin is a walking fool now. He will climb up things or people to just turn around and walk to a destination and then turn around and walk again. He is getting turning around while standing down too. This was also on March 12th.

Benjamin loves to play with my purse. But I had a hard time getting this shot. He was too busy watching his Dad's avatar play with a helicopter on the Xbox. March 14th

Benjamin has started feeding himself little puffed Gerber food and Cheerios (thanks Ed and Leslie for leaving those!) Since he can feed himself he is more interested in us feeding him baby food again. But sometimes sneezing gets in the way. Jared thought I was ridiculous for wanting to capture this moment with the camera. I think it's funny! March 15th

Last week on Thursday I started up the crock pot full of chili. We eat dinner really late if we wait until I get home some nights from track practice. I asked Jared to put some aside and blend it up for Benjamin to eat with us. Jared gave him a few tastes before we got to the table and Benjamin was beating on him begging for his dinner. This was his first taste of meat. It was beef, well ground beef. He ate up the whole bowl of chili we had made for him.

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