Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Like Fancy

This morning I was in charge of making breakfast. I decided to make Dutch Babies! Delicious! We were almost out of syrup though so I had to make some more. As I was cooking the syrup I was thinking about how to serve it up at the table. I checked the cabinet and I had gotten rid of my gravy cup. I remembered I had a cream cup for my tea set in the cabinet at the end of the hall. Almost everything was on the table ready to go so I quickly grabbed it and washed it. While washing it Jared commented about how it was too fancy and I would have to wash it twice to use it once and it was unnecessary. I told him I like fancy! So I finished washing the cream holder and filled it up.
Who cares that my hair wasn't brushed, or that my kitchen wasn't 100% clean, or that we were using plastic plates. We were using the fancy tea set cream holder! It made me feel fancy and special!
Afterwards I canned the rest of the syrup. So now I've got some on hand again for awhile.
Jared took this picture of him and Benjamin this morning.

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  1. Gee, let's see, where do you suppose you got that from???