Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blue Sky and Clouds

Saturday we went to my in-law's for a birthday party for our nephew Brooks Jr. I got there and had fun helping my sister in-law Heather set up for the party. She got super creative which I just love and made some great things. And Heather you don't ever need my approval!

The birthday boy! I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the banner. Heather created a super cute banner that we hung over the table.

Here is Benjamin having a blast playing with balloons. He wasn't scared of them at all.

Heather made rockets, airplanes and helicopters. We then iced the cupcakes with blue frosting to represent the sky and made white clouds. This had to be explained to me because I just didn't get it. I felt so dumb!

Jacki put on Connor's hat and I was too slow to get a picture so I had her put it on again. Connor had to be distracted because it was his hat!

Corey is a smiler! Not that that is a word but he totally smiles his little mischievous smile all the time. And I love how the sun was shining on him.

When I took this picture I had to do a double take. Terence looked like he was sweating or something but he wasn't. There's an oil stain that only shows up in pictures. Too funny!

We hung out and ate cupcakes and ice cream after singing happy birthday to Brooks! It was fun!

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