Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools! Time to Get Up!

6am and Benjamin was wide awake on Sunday April 1st (not a nice April Fools joke, he'd been up off and on since about 3am)! Benjamin had been awake for awhile actually at this point but TV and milk in our bedroom where not enough to keep him happy. I decided to get up and see what he wanted finally (I am so not a morning person).
He didn't want his milk anymore (Jared disappeared to the bedroom at this point) and so I made him some toast with cream cheese on it (actually for both of us). He happily stood at the counter eating and drinking his milk. I took a few pictures which I actually got him to smile for me. I would take a picture and then show it to him and the pictures progressively had better smiles. Love it!!!
I went and sat down in the living room and did my scripture studies. I figured I was up and I might as well get the day going. I was going to do the dishes and get a real breakfast made next but then I decided to write in my journal as I had put it off long enough. Benjamin came out into the living room and started playing with my umbrella. He laid on top of the vent and just relaxed. I wondered if he was ready to go back to sleep.
A few minutes later he crawled up into my lap and got cozy. I was still able to write and he was able to fall asleep. I finished writing and took him back to bed. Jared and I talked briefly before falling asleep ourselves again.
Jared woke us up in time to have family scripture study and prayer before General Conference started at 9am. I was very glad to have gotten the extra sleep. Since I had slept in so much (not really...I just got the sleep at a different schedule) I made breakfast while Jared and Benjamin played in the living room and we listened to General Conference. I made us a Dutch Baby for breakfast. Delicious!!! Takes a lot of my eggs but it was so worth it (which by the way the batch of 24 eggs we had from Costco had 8 double yolks in crazy!)
While that was baking I took some pictures of Jared and Benjamin hanging out. Jared had opened the umbrella from earlier that Benjamin had been playing with and Benjamin laid down between Jared's legs and pulled the umbrella down. Benjamin likes to hide under things like blankets so it was pretty cute.
We finished listening/watching General Conference upstairs and then I finished putting away my new China (another blog to come). We had some good family time before the afternoon session of General Conference which we watched downstairs. After the last session Jared made it clear that if he was to make bread again (since we were out) that the counter had to be cleaned off. So I cleaned off the top of the fridge and while I was up there Jared asked is there a reason I was cleaning that off when he had asked for me to clean off the counter and cover it with everything from the fridge. I laughed and said yes. I continued to explain that my soup bowl was going to go on top of the fridge and I wanted to clean it off before I could put it up there. He smiled and laughed at me and said at least there is some reasonable logic there tied to cleaning off the counter.
Benjamin was so jealous of me being up near the fridge. Daddy suggested putting him up there so we did. He had a marvelous time. Now just give it a few more weeks and he will figure out how to get up there. The pantry is the way we see it happening.
I had finished packing up all my dishes for storage and then Benjamin had to lay on top of them of course. Can you blame him?
It was a great day! And I was so excited to see my flowers blooming from my sister in law Jacki. It's almost exactly 2 years old now and still growing!!!

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  1. How do you make a Dutch Baby?

    Loved the story about Jared's take on cleaning the counter vs. top of fridge. Hilarious!