Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday is winding down. We had a nice morning with pancakes and getting ready for church. Once we got Benjamin all dressed I decided to take his picture (just in case it didn't last through church). I really didn't get a smile from him at all.
He is probably sitting there thinking really mom, enough with the camera.
After church we got to cooking Mexican chicken, ground beef for soft tacos, Mexican rice and refried beans from scratch. I should probably say less we and more Jared. He really is a great cook and enjoys it for the most part.
Family members started showing up and we had an Easter Egg hunt for Benjamin and my two closest nephews, Connor and Corey. It was fun. There was a "Rotton" egg that was an ugly died rotten egg and the prize for getting it was dinner with the grandparents. Connor was the lucky boy and he sure was excited.
Benjamin didn't quite enjoy being on the grass without shoes. He also didn't grasp the concept but he would take the eggs from me and throw them in his basket.
Benjamin did however get the concept of eating candy and would steal from his cousin's a time or two. We had a great evening of hanging out, enjoying great food and relaxing.

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  1. Wow Benjamin is such a boy now, and no longer the baby I remember him to be. What a cutie! Glad you had a great Easter! Miss you.