Monday, April 2, 2012

The Disney Store Not for Kids

A week ago today after work and track practice we went to Bellevue to try to get new free phones. It didn't work so we walked around the mall. We are not big consumers and neither of us really like the mall but since we were out we decided to enjoy it and let Benjamin have fun.
The escalators were a big hit with Benjamin. He thought it was the coolest thing but he still wanted to climb the stairs even though they do the work for you if you don't move. Oh well I am sure he will learn that concept someday.
We walked past a store that I recognized from William's Sonoma. I asked Jared if we good go inside and look around. Again we weren't pressed for time and just wanted to hang out. A sales clerk came up to me and asked if I needed help with anything. I responded no, I am just looking...I've never been in one of your stores. Sales clerk's jaw hits the floor! Again I don't do malls and I don't shop much. It was a pretty funny moment too me.
After that we walked around some more and Jared pointed out the Disney store and how we should go in there for Benjamin. So we did! Big mistake! Benjamin loved and we found him this huge Mickey Mouse doll. He held onto him for awhile and then gave him to me to hold and look at. While spinning Jared took the doll and put it back and when he came back without the doll Benjamin threw a fit. We went and found him a much smaller more affordable doll.
Benjamin was still in love and almost didn't let go of him all night. Getting him out of the car and getting ready for bed was a one hand at a time thing. When we were getting ready for bed Jared turned on Mickey Mouse for him and Benjamin just lit up! He would look at the doll and then the computer. Too funny!
Here is Benjamin with his new favorite Mickey Mouse doll.

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