Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tomato's That Didn't Die

Two Friday's ago was a beautiful day. We could not help ourselves but to play outside as much as possible and hang out as a family. We decided to plant the few tomato plants left that didn't look totally dead after the weather dropped to freezing temperatures. We put walls of water around the tomatoes as well to help them grow. They are actually doing pretty well and bouncing back nicely!

Benjamin loves to run around the yard and do his thing and help us with whatever it is we are doing.

We decided to put Benjamin in the shorts since it was such a nice day. The thing though is that he didn't seem to care for them. At times I would find him pulling at his shorts trying to pull them down to his ankles. When his pants get stuck pulled up he has to pull them down and he seemed to think that was the issue with the shorts. Too funny! 

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