Thursday, December 1, 2011

Benjamin Catch-Up

I just had to share these pictures of Benjamin!

Here is Benjamin feeding himself yogurt (11/20/2011). He loves yogurt. And he loves to feed himself! It's great but it makes for a big mess each time. I let him feed himself standing up this time. It got a little slippery.

So we had Jared's sisters over for breakfast (11/23/2011) and their kids last week. It was a fun time. Somehow a back room door got left open and Benjamin disappeared. Jared found him and told me I had to see it. Benjamin and climbed up into his old bassinet and was happily playing with bottle parts.

Here is Benjamin after his 2nd hair cut but his 1st home done hair cut (11/23/2011). We stripped him down, strapped him into his high chair and played Phineas and Ferb for him. He did really good and it turned out okay. I have a hard time with cutting his hair short. I don't like it too short.

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  1. He's adorable! Logan and him would be thick as thieves, he loves to get into stuff too! :)