Saturday, December 31, 2011

Space for an Easel

I've been working on cleaning up my craft room and organizing it yet again. I have bought some shelving with some of my Christmas money and have a few more ideas up my sleeve. I was very overwhelmed with my room and trying to get it under control. For Christmas though Jared's parents bought Benjamin an easel. I wanted it for him so that way he could craft with me in my craft room.
With the determination in mind to make room for Benjamin I got to it and quickly got my room under control. I must say it looks much nicer. I can't wait to hang up my shelves. We will be remodeling my sewing desk and I need to finish the stenciling still.
Jared set-up the easel for Benjamin. Benjamin loved watching and trying to be a part of things but I eventually had to distract him in the other room. Once we got it set-up we got out some crayons and showed Benjamin how it works.

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