Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two Trees

I started setting up for Christmas extra early this year. We never put it all away in the attic last year so I didn't have to rely on Jared to get the job done. I must say as much as Jared doesn't enjoy everything around decorating for Christmas he sure does help me out a ton. I felt so loved with all the help he gave me.

With Benjamin being 18 months this year at Christmas time I was really worried that I would have to have an unbalanced tree with only ornaments at the top. I couldn't handle that. It just bugged me. Jared said to me that we would just have to be diligent and teach Benjamin to not touch the ornaments.

So far so good...every once in awhile Benjamin touches something but we quickly tell him no. For the most part he leaves it alone which makes me very happy.

I love my Christmas tree! I am very particular about how it is set-up. I am not really sure how I got to this point but I only like glass, silver and gold (with a little bit of red here and there) on my tree. I've been stocking up every year with more ornaments after Christmas is over because really I can wait and pay way less to have ornaments. I just love the classy feel I get from my tree.

After setting most everything up I decided I wasn't going to set-up my smaller tree downstairs because it seemed like so much work. Jared said give it time. Jared's family does a ornament exchange every year at Thanksgiving. I came home with like 13 or 14 ornaments and I couldn't pass them up. So I broke out the little tree and all of my other ornaments. This is my fun kid like tree.

I know spoiled right? Two trees! I bought the little one when I got my first apartment. I had to have a tree. We bought the bigger tree when we moved into our house because lets face it the little tree is not big enough for a house.

I love how I can have Christmas all around the house.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you enjoy this time of year!

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