Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Day Working From Home

I try to get Benjamin to color but he's just not that into it yet. He will scribble some and we bought him bigger triangle crayons (in hopes he can't snap them in half). I decided to try and get him to color with chalk. He showed some interest but he was more interested in erasing when I showed him how to do that.
 When I am working and Daddy isn't home Elizabeth tends to stay in her PJ's until I decide to finally dress her (hopefully not this new year as I am working on some new goals).
 While working I cracked up as I found Benjamin in Elizabeth's jumper yet again but I finally saw how he was getting himself out of it. He would literally fall out of it. It caught my attention because of the extra noise and his little grunts of frustration as he wasn't falling out quite when he wanted to.
As with most baby's they require a few outfit changes some days. Elizabeth was no exception today (October 25, 2012) but while I was changing her I grabbed my camera and decided to do a quick photo session. I started with her naked but tried to keep her modest and then put a diaper on because no one wants to deal with an accident. I used a few different hair bows and then eventually I got her dressed. It was fun watching her play and she doesn't shy away from the camera yet.
 While doing the photo shoot and getting Elizabeth dressed Benjamin had gone upstairs and grabbed the foil out of the bottom kitchen drawer (thankfully Jared has fixed it since then). The foil was almost out so I didn't stress when he was unrolling it and playing with it. I just watched him and snapped a few pictures. I could tell he was enjoying playing with the foil.
  Elizabeth fell asleep on me while I was working. I've learned to work one handed a lot or I will prop Elizabeth on the desk some and work that way.

After work I decided we needed to do something fun. Benjamin and I made chocolate peanut butter cookies together. He enjoys helping some but is not very patient once the batter is made. He threw the biggest fit because of having to wait for them to bake and then to cool. He stole quite a few cookies eventually while I was busy with Elizabeth. Oh well we enjoyed ourselves.

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