Monday, February 11, 2013

A Little Chicken

There's a family in our ward at church that has 2 boys and once they are through with their clothes (as they are a little older than Benjamin) they bag them up and bring them over. I've probably mentioned this before but it is such a huge blessing! In one of the bags we even got Halloween costumes! Which was fantastic as I had been working crazy hours and while I wanted to do something fun I just didn't have the time or energy. I put Benjamin in a Chicken or Rooster costume.
Halloween 10/31/2012
 It was a bit snug but Benjamin seemed to enjoy it. We went to our churches Halloween activity and he lost patience for the outfit so it came off. So he was kind of a lame trick or treater but he totally got into the idea of going from vehicle to vehicle getting candy from everyone. I had forgotten a bag or bucket so we wound up collecting it into mommy's pockets.

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