Monday, February 18, 2013

Making Time to Can

Well I am not as far behind as I thought I was on Saturday when talking to a friend. I am only 3 1/2 months behind. Which is doesn't stress me out too much. I have several of my blogs written out already so I didn't forget the memories which is the whole point of posting a 'few' pictures and writing the memories so when I get around to finally scrapbooking I have something to look at to spark my memory and have journal entries to add to my scrapbook. I realized though that I am spending a ton of time on pictures which is a good thing as I am working on a new talent but at the same time it's delaying me from getting my blogs done. Plus I am also trying to post more than a 'few' pictures so that adds to the time as well. So I am going to limit the number of pictures for the most part so that maybe I can close the gap and stay closer to being up to date with my blog. If I don't oh well, I still enjoying writing and sharing things and keeping my memories and thoughts documented.
So back in October I bought 4 boxes of apples (a bit hasty as 1.5 were still in my garage in January). I feel it's a bit unfair as my busy season at work picks up as the harvesting season picks up. Which makes it hard for me to get all the cannning done as I wish but I keep trying.
I laid out a bunch of apples (11/03/12) and went to town making my first batch of applesauce. Benjamin enjoying handing out with me in the kitchen like normal. I don't remember why he is crying in this picture but I am sure it was tragic.
The applesauce turned out great and smelled amazing. The texture is really smooth like baby food my husband told me. I enjoyed it immensly. And I like being able to control the sugar contect and texture. I know others like it really chunky but I prefer the smoothness of it and now I know how to make some baby food.
Speaking of babies here is mine fast asleep.
Briefly! The blender helped to wake her right up. I had her in on the dinning table so I should have known it would wake her up. But sometimes she sleeps through everything.
Elizabeth is not a fan of tummy time. She will tolerate it for short bits but really wants to be upright seeing everything going on around her. At this point in these pictures you can tell she is learning how to keep her balance (at 4 1/2 months) on her own. Daddy is very close by as we watch her sit up and wobble over. Sometimes she would fall over and land on her tummy.
I love this photo of Elizabeth with her daddy's big hands. I back in December that my husband gets his large hands from his Opa (his mother's dad). There's just something about it that touches my heart.

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