Monday, February 18, 2013

More Than a Week

Going to run through a little more than a week's worth of pictures.
Benjamin enjoys lining cars up. Here he has his monster truck and monster tractor. I love this boy!
I enjoy letting Benjamin "help" me with the dishes. I wind up cleaning the floors but we have a good time doing a chore together so you can't go wrong.
Elizabeth keeps us company from her jumper. 
After the chores were done Benjamin crashed hard on the floor.
Working from home is a huge blessing but with it comes some challenges. Kids who want mommy and only mommy, kids playing upstairs and not downstairs, kids yelling during a conference call, kids wanting to be held, kids climbing and jumping on me. Some days I feel like I don't get anything done but then I would be missing out on moments like this of Benjamin jumping for joy while watching a show on the computer.
I do have to get creative though and so I can be found working from home all over my home.
Elizabeth in a beautiful dress with her daddy trying to hide behind her.
You just have to have fun with your children! Yes, yes that is Elizabeth's jeggings' on top of her head. After the jegging's Jared put his beanie hat on her head. It was pretty funny.

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