Friday, August 6, 2010

Coin Collection

I've been collecting coins for years. I painted a tub that used to hold peanut or almond covered clusters from Costco. And I wrote on the lid "Little by little I'll save up!!!!!" It was my fund for my grand piano some day. Well since Jared bought be a piano for my birthday last year that is a Grand it's just upright and I love it so much I don't really need to save it anymore.
I had fun yesterday rolling coins and getting them organized. Jared and I had divided them up about 6 months ago or so which made my coin rolling easy.I have over $255 dollars in coins. It really does add up over time. I used to be really good at using cash and any change I always threw in the bucket. I actually tried not to use change. At one point I laced my change bucket with bills but those were pulled.
Hmm so what should I spend my change on? An over the oven microwave? That would give me more counter space. Bills? Benjamin is definitely expensive. Or put it in savings?

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Choices, so many choices! I would say put it in your 72 hour kit because cash will be very important then.