Monday, August 9, 2010

Food Network

What TV shows do you find yourself watching these days? Me personally the Food Network. It's strange (and I can hear Jacki laughing to herself) that I actually like it. When Jared and I were dating I detested the channel. It was always on at his parents house (the TV was always on, if not the Food Network then it was sports) especially if Jacki was home. Now here it is years later and I actually seek out shows on that channel. Crazy! But I must validate myself. The same shows that were mostly on back then are still shows I don't care for now. Anything where they are teaching you how to cook something. I still find it boring because it's cooking food and the stuff they make I am most likely never going to eat. I guess my taste pallet is blah! Anyways the shows I like are the cooking competitions. Like Iron Chef America and any of the Food Network Challenges. I do also like Ace of Cakes and I am starting to get into Cupcake Wars. I find the competition to be fun and the pace makes it exciting. I don't always like what they are making but the way the show is depicted I am drawn into it. So yes I am a fan of the Food Network now but only certain shows.
Jacki and I discussed this awhile back and another reason for the Food Networks draw is that it's clean and wholesome. Which are definitely positive attributes for their network.

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