Friday, August 6, 2010

My Vision in Gold

I tackled my bedroom closet this week! It was about 4 feet deep. It was quite the undertaking! I moved the shelving unit into our closet that Olga had used. Extra shelf space is always wonderful. So I did that and organized the things moved a few tubs around and then went to Lowe's with a vision in mind.

I bought some peg board, screws, fancy furniture tacks, and spray paint. Once I found the furniture tacks I knew which color I wanted to pain the peg board. GOLD!!! I'm so not a gold person but it was too perfect and felt right.

So I got the peg board cut down to fit my measurements. Once home I set up shop in the driveway and sprayed the boards. After they dried I hid them in the garage. I didn't want Jared to see what I was up to until I was done. I was trying to surprise him since my vision involved him (sort of).

Today I got the boards out and the screws. I filled up the boards with screws and then eventually got it hung up in my closet. I had to use nails first to hang and then add my fancy furniture tacks.

I added some items and stepped back and admired my creativity and unique hat and belt holders.

Jared has like 30 some hats. I've tried a few different ways to organize his hats and I feel this is the best way so far. And it keeps the floor clear. Hooray for vision and gold spray paint!!

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