Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gospel Topic Tuesday: Following Promptings of the Spirit

I actually started studying my scriptures again yesterday. I'm doing it by topic and started with Faith but I am not ready to write anything about it just yet. But I have a simple thought to write about and share. It has been floating to the forefront of my mind for the last week actually. So I better write about it before I forget about it.

About 2 weeks ago I was going downstairs to clean out the litter box for my cats. I was grabbing a garbage bag from under the kitchen sink to go clean it out. As I was grabbing one the thought came to me that I should take two bags. I thought about it for a second or two and dismissed the thought. One garbage bag was always plenty. Once downstairs I emptied the whole litter box into the garbage bag and quickly tried to haul it out to the garbage can outside. I made it to the door to the garage and the bag broke at the top. I had to run upstairs to grab another garbage bag. If I had listened I would have had one on me. But I didn't. On the positive side I got more exercise.

This past Saturday Jared and I were hanging out downstairs for awhile. I grabbed Benjamin, the wipes and a diaper so I wouldn't have to run upstairs. The thought came to me to grab a second diaper. I ignored the prompting. I changed Benjamin after I thought he was done pooping and I was wrong. I had to go get another diaper.

I know these are two small examples of not following promptings. But the thought keeps coming that the Lord is trying to teach me how to listen with small and simple things. I find it comforting and amazing that he cares about my chores and diaper changing to try to help me. I wish that I had listened. It is one thing that I am trying to be better at. To be a receptacle to the promptings from the Holy Ghost and then listen and follow them. It's not always easy though. So many times I feel like they are just my own thoughts especially when it's mundane things like changing a diaper. Yet the Lord is mindful of me and willing to help me if I would but listen.

I ask Heavenly Father often to forgive me for not listening and give me another opportunity. President Thomas S. Monson said that of those who do hear the promptings of the Holy Ghost that they "do not postpone following promptings of the spirit." ("The Spirit Giveth Life", Ensign, May 1985) If you read the article The Spirit Giveth Life by President Monson at the end you will find a story about a prompting he received to go visit someone in the hospital and give them a blessing. When he got to the hospital he found his friend on the verge of throwing himself into a pool to drown as he was depressed, alone and hopeless. He says that he "learned a lesson that day: Never, never, never postpone following a prompting."

If we don't follow promptings we one lose the opportunity for more promptings. And two we miss out on a opportunity to do the Lord's work and bless the lives of those around us. We are the Lord's hands if we would but let him use and mold us. I've seen many blessings in my life from following promptings and I do try to hearken to his voice. It's not always easy to recognize his voice but if we are doing our scripture study, attending church and all of our meetings, and saying our personal and family prayers it will be easier to recognize.

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  1. That is the lesson, to know the difference between your own thought and the voice of the Spirit. Always a good lesson. And a reminder that the Lord knows us and what we need and will offer help for the smallest of things if we will but listen. Love you Emily!!!