Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not My Luckiest Streak

Jared just commented how this week hasn't really been my week. Wednesday we went to a YW activity and when we got to the church I took Benjamin out of his car seat. While doing this I put my phone and keys on top of the car. Apparently not a good spot for them. Jared was driving so he put Benjamin away and off we went. We heard them fly off on Hwy 2 on the far side of Gold Bar. They hung on for awhile. We turned around and found my keys which had been run over. Luckily the most expensive part of my VW key was still in tact and working. As well as my house key and key for the Jetta. We searched for awhile but weren't able to find my phone.
I also realized early this week that my ring was missing. Jared is searching for it right now. I don't remember the last time I wore it and it's not to be found around the dresser where our rings are kept.
Jared is pretty amazing because he is very nonchalant about these things because as he keeps stating "they are just material items.". But I feel like and idiot for the phone and keys and awful that I can't find my ring.
But my luck is starting to change. I got a new phone only took 2 days. I had a back up phone while I was waiting for my new phone. Jared luckily had a lot of my contacts so I've got those mostly set up. Today while cleaning and looking for my sewing items (scissors, rolling blade, pins) I found them (I only realized I was missing them this week when I started quilting again). And I found my personal progress books that had been missing for well over a couple months now. I jumped for joy because I am so close to earning my medallion.
So hopefully now we can get my key fixed and find my wedding ring.

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  1. I hope you find your ring. It stresses me out just hearing that you can't find it. Post a comment if you do.