Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Big Moment with Granny

There is something about the ocean being relaxing and healing for me and my mom. Is anyone else that way? While Granny and Olga were here I tried to make the most of the time and ensure everyone got plenty of time together. Especially Granny with her grandbabies (all 3 of them). I decided we would go to Mukilteo after work on Monday August 27th. Jared stayed home as he had no desire to go and then we only needed one car.
Benjamin took Granny's hand and walked down to the beach. It was a big moment to watch! We just enjoyed hanging out together and doing different things.
I strapped Elizabeth on eventually and Benjamin walked me down to the furthest point on the beach that you could get to. I placed him up on this huge tree and then walked back before the tide came in and we got trapped.
Have I mentioned that Olga is photogenic?! Because she totally is.
Benjamin saw the swings on the way in and while Granny and Olga were taking a few more pictures at the beach he made a beeline to the swings. I was amazed at his memory and sense of direction. He knew just where to go and I had a hard time keeping up. I tried to put him on a regular swing since the kid ones were full. He got frustrated! Thankfully someone left after just a few moments which to him I am sure was an eternity. He was so happy swinging! Granny and Olga even sat on the swings and had fun.
It was great hanging out together for a little bit. We met Jared for dinner afterwards in Monroe. It was a good night!

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