Sunday, September 23, 2012

Need I Say More!

The next morning we spent getting ready for church. Heather made a fabulous breakfast! Pancakes! And with bananas in them and nutella to go on top. I enjoyed mine but not as thoroughly as my niece Isla did.

Heather and Brooks have a trampoline! Need I say more! It was a big hit. We will buying one in the near future.

When I got clothes out for a Elizabeth a few weeks ago this was dress #2 for the next Sunday after the ruffle one. Riki and Charity Styles got it for Elizabeth. I will have to have her wear it again next week for them.

Church was nice. Jared and I both got to go to 2nd and 3rd hour and just listen and participate. Though when Jared was introduced 3rd hour he was asked if he was the parent of "the runner". 1st hour was a fun one with Benjamin. I wound up in the hall mostly as Benjamin would not stay in the chairs and ran up on the stand.
Heather made us a nice lunch and packed us snacks for our ride home. She is so awesome! Thanks Heather and Brooks for a fabulous weekend!

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