Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Lady Friend

Well Granny came into town because her dad has a lady friend. I admit I had a hard time digesting that phrase. Boppa had a family party to introduce Marlene to everyone.

Here I am with my mommy and Elizabeth. We were all early or on time to the party along with Leslie and her kids.

Olga was having fun taking fact most of the ones taken are by her. I took the camera so I could get her picture taken.

Benjamin gave me the scare of my life on this day (August 25th). My mom was braiding my hair and Olga's. I was keeping my eye on Benjamin as best as I could. Jared was trimming some low lying branches of the pine trees to help open the yard up more. He also was trying to keep an eye on him. We both realized about the same time that Benjamin was gone. I ran to the back of the house by the hot-tub to see if I could find him while yelling out his name. I didn't see him so I ran back to the side and checked inside really quick and then running out front. I started to really panic. What if this was the last time I saw my son? What if he had fallen in the river? It's an icy cold swift river and he is fascinated with it. I started crying and yelling his name more. I ran back around to the back and found Jared and Marlene with him. He had gone around to the other side of the house and must have gone back to the back when I had ran to the front and around the front side of the house. Jared quickly gave me Benjamin to hold. I stood there sobbing trying to gain some composure. I had been praying in my heart that we would find him and we did but that moment of despair had sunk in also and freaked me out. Benjamin had a closer eye on him for the rest of the day.

Needless to say Benjamin needed to be entertained. Step one was a ladder that he asked me in his own way to set up.

Step two was by Aunt Cindy. She got pieces of lumber, crates and saw horses to set-up an obstacle course. It became a big hit with everyone else too and Benjamin got a little run over for awhile.

Jared called it "a red necks jungle gym". Benjamin eventually toppled off of it onto his head. He hadn't napped and was tired. But he kept the adults pretty impressed with his balance. Uncle Richard said he probably got the balance from his Grandpa Cook (my dad) which my mom agreed.

Granny and I were visiting and walked back around and I told Olga Granny needed a hug. Olga gladly gave her a hug and I grabbed the camera. Granny is wearing the necklace Olga got her, which someone pointed out it's the shape of an 8 and Olga is Granny's 8th grandchild.

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