Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cousin Time in Pullman

We went to Pullman last weekend. My mom called me last week and told me that a good friend of ours had passed away. My thought was that makes 3 so are we done for the year? She told me the service would be that Saturday. I didn't debate too long. I wanted to go. Since we were going to be in Richland, WA which meant we were more than half way to Jared's sister's house we decided to see if we could drop in for a visit.

Heather was awesome she didn't miss a beat and said come on over. We quickly packed our bags for the weekend. The service we went to was for Sherry Krull. She was one of my mom's best friends and one of my friends too! Sherry was an amazing woman who helped to teach me that our prayers are answered!

We got to Heather's house in the evening and Brooks Jr and Benjamin went to town playing together! They played really well together all weekend. I loved the fact that my kids got to see their cousins and that we could visit with Heather and Brooks. Heather made us a fabulous wheat and dairy free dinner! (Which by the way we are repeating here at home tonight!). Kabobs and rice! Yummy!

After dinner we took the kids to the park and let them play. Swinging was a big hit. Benjamin did great even on the big boy swing! I was so proud of him!

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