Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not a Time for Perfection

I love having one on one time with my kids. I know they aren't very old yet but I'm trying to set that precedent now. I do things like cuddling, reading, tickling and last week on September 18th I did cupcake time. Now it wasn't completely just us but we were the ones decorating and eating.
I had some leftover cupcake batter from a baby shower a few days earlier and so I decided to make it up and use the frosting that didn't get used because I overfilled the cupcakes and they wouldn't come out. I need to spend some time perfecting the cupcake because I am always hitting and missing. Anyways...Benjamin got excited as soon as he saw me filling the cupcake pan. After they had cooked and cooled I put some on a plate and grabbed the jar of goodies.
I tried to frost the cupcakes with butter cream frosting that wasn't room temperature long enough yet. So that was a bit of a chore and cramped my hand. I didn't care what the cupcakes looked like. Though in my head I had a picture of perfection I knew it wasn't about perfection right now. It was about having fun and letting Benjamin explore the world of decorating cupcakes for the first time.
He couldn't even wait for me to decorate one before he swiped it. Oh well!

Benjamin and I both had our fill of sweets that night. I had to stop and put them away as I'm a bit of a binger.

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