Saturday, September 8, 2012

Granny Time

Granny flew in on Wednesday August 23rd (it feels like forever ago now) and Olga met Granny at the airport. Olga had stayed in Seattle at a friends house and didn't want to miss out on time with Granny. It was funny because here it was like a few weeks later and Olga was getting picked up from the airport again.
Granny got some much needed Granny time with little miss Elizabeth.
Benjamin had fun running around and really enjoyed it when Daddy put him on top of the fridge.
I had Jared take a picture of all of us girls together.
Granny made some gifts for everybody which I always love. She made me a diaper stacker for Benjamin's diapers...Olga's mom had made me one for Elizabeth and I had to have another one now. Granny made Olga a Christmas table runner and each of us an "I love you because..." picture frame. It's really cute. You can write notes on it to people in your house and little love notes with a dry eraser marker. Jared and I have been having fun with it.

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