Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friday Harbor

"I blog in order." I just said this to my husband. Why do I blog in order? Does it matter? It helps me to know where I last left off. Finding time to blog with everything I have going on seems hard sometimes. I have almost a months worth of blogs or pictures to post right now and while I feel behind in so many things I am going to keep plugging along and try to document what is going on in my life and how I feel about things.

It's been almost a month (in 5 days to be exact) since we went up to the San Juan Islands for a quick day trip with Olga. We had a lot of fun! We got up early and packed the kids in the car. We had hoped that the kids would sleep basically the whole way up. Benjamin was too excited! We were dressed and leaving the house in the car. He stayed awake and yelled basically the whole way up. Olga had some headphones that she tuned him out with a bit luckily.

Benjamin was a big fan of the ferry boat ride. We let him explore after getting some breakfast. I was able to get myself a breakfast burrito without the tortilla or the cheese. Thank you!!!

Once we got to Friday Harbor we headed out across the Island to Lime Kiln Point first. There were a lot of amazing spots to explore and enjoy. We even got a family photo. Thank you to the nice man going whale watching.

Once we got out to a lookout point Benjamin was geared up and ready to go again. I let Jared deal with him mostly because you had to have a death grip on his hand or arm. Benjamin is pretty fearless and loves to his explore and so does his daddy. Like Father like son. (Is that really how the phrase goes?)


Jared and Olga found a pair of prescription sunglasses and had fun being goof balls with them!

There's a lighthouse at Lime Kiln Point which was closed. But we had fun exploring and since we were there so early we basically had the place to ourselves. Jared took Benjamin and Olga down to the beach at one spot by the Lighthouse so that Benjamin could throw rocks. I enjoyed watching from above.

This was a hilarious moment! Olga got stuck in the tree trying to climb.

She was victorious over the tree!

Jared couldn't be left out of the tree climbing fun!

We figured she had sat in Benjamin's carseat, Elizabeth's Crib and now she had to do the stroller!
We decided to walk out to the Lime Kiln since we were there. When we got to a point above it we called it good as walking back up the hill from where the Kiln actually was did not look like fun. Especially to me!

After enjoying everything we could we headed back to the car and went across the Island a bit to "South Beach". Benjamin fell asleep so I stayed in the car with him while Jared went to explore and Olga did too. I took care of Elizabeth and then fell asleep with her on my lap. I saw Jared moving driftwood around from the car but I had no idea why.

I learned why later! He built a shelter. I wound up using it to nurse and try to get Elizabeth to go down for a nap again. Olga apparently napped while the rest of us did too but in a blanket on a log in the sunshine.

We played in the water for a bit which was fun. But it was really cold! After enjoying the beach we went back to Friday Harbor to get in line for the ferry. We went and did a little shopping which I got a new clock for my living room. I love it! Thank you Jared! Happy Anniversary to you too! 7 years of marriage and 10 years of being together! Time flies when your with the one you love!

The ferry boat ride home was just as fun for Benjamin minus a little slipping and scrapping his knees. We really had a great day together as a family. I totally recommend Friday Harbor!!! It's a fun family's a little spendy but we enjoyed it.

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