Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Angels

Ed and Leslie went to Seattle early in the morning on their last Sunday with us. Ed was racing in the Seattle Half Marathon. So we got to dress the kids for church and take them with us. I had bought the girls new dresses and coats for Christmas. They were so precious.

It was hard to get all 3 to look at me. Sometimes they would look up past me at Granny. Do you like the fogged look? I think it makes it look antique sort of. I had left my camera in the car and the house was quite warm compared to outside.
Here is Talia! She was playing with different toys next to me. After they left I was in the store a few days later and I thought I heard Talia laugh. It made me cry. They are growing up so fast.

I decided to have some ice cream and all three kids decided they wanted to have some with me too. So we took turns. I would get a bite, then Talia, Coral and Jeffrey. They would sometimes try to cut and would get impatient waiting on someone's turn.


  1. Look at those darling children!!!! ;) Em, thank you for posting these. Adorable!! You are such an amazing Aunt Em!!!~ Leslie

  2. I agree! Emily is an amazing Aunt! She is going to be an equally as amazing Mommy!

  3. Thank you Olga for taking the pictures! What a cute scene! Treasured memories!