Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Someone's walking on the ceiling

I cannot decide which pictures to choose of my nieces from August when they came to visit. They are just absolutely adorable. This is just to give a snapshot so I'll try my best to keep it short.
Leslie came over in August while Ed went to Special Services training. It was great to spend time with them and enjoy their company. This was our last visit with them before they went back to Germany. We were out at Leslie's parent's, Rick and Kay's house. We ate a lot of food had this amazing cookie salad (I know what I want to eat now), enjoyed playing with the kids, watched home video's of Jeffrey and some that Ed made for Jeffrey before leaving for boot camp and while in Iraq. Tear jerkers for both mom and I. It was hard to leave when the day was over.
How can you not look at this picture and think "Beautiful Angel"?!

Someone looks like she is up to something mischievous.

Talia and Coral kissing and making up.
Here is Coral attacking Leslie and Jared in the background laughing at something. Here is mom, Leslie and myself. Here is Jared doing knuckles with Coral. Here is Jeffrey walking on the ceiling.

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