Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Road Trip!!!

So as you are I am a Twilight fan. I fell in love pretty hard when I finally let myself. In October I had 2 ladies here from Manila that I was training at work. They were die hard Twilight fans and were like we are so close to Forks. Olga also likes Twilight and so I figured it would be a fun trip to do on a Saturday and I knew Jared wouldn't be up for it.

I did some research online and find all the spots to visit in Forks. I borrowed Jared's parents GPS thingy and loaded up the girls and went on a road trip.
Here we are on the Ferry boat. This is Olga's 2nd time on a Ferry boat since coming here.
Olga is so photogenic.
I love these types of lights so Olga posed for me to make it more interesting. She is such a funny girl.
We made it to Forks!!!
Olga is shorter than Bella. Hmm.
I'm way too tall for both of Bella and Edward.
We went to one side of the La Push beach before going to where everyone was.
We had fun playing out on these old piers.
This is Olga's signature photo shot.
I like how the water is splashing up behind me.
Karen and Jam were playing in this first so we followed suit but I think we climbed higher than them. And yes it was awkward but so worth it.
This lady with awesome rain boots took this for us.

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