Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finish This Sentence

I am: grateful for the time I had to spend with my brother Ed and his family.
I think: I might finally quit my job.
I know: I am pregnant.
I want: a bigger house closer to work.
I have: a wonderful husband.
I wish: it was May already.
I hate: spiders!
I miss: Ed and his family already.
I fear: losing a family member.
I feel: irritable right now.
I hear: the lovely sound of my computer whirring.
I smell: Chinese food leftovers that were not at all what I craved.
I crave: good orange chicken and sweet and sour pork.
I search: for craft ideas from time to time.
I wonder: if I'll be here for the second coming.
I regret: saying mean things to people.
I love: my husband!
I ache: to be home in bed asleep.
I care: what people think...sometimes.
I always: lose my keys or debit card.
I am not: a computer geek.
I believe: in angels.
I dance: upon occasion when no one is around usually.
I sing: all the time...I like to belt it out.
I don't always: floss.
I fight: for my family.
I write: in my journal but not as often as I should.
I win: small moments in time.
I lose: track of time.
I never: eat mushrooms.
I confuse: yin and yang all the time.
I listen: to Christmas music all year round.
I long: to be a mother.
I can usually be found: playing the piano or scrap booking.
I am scared: of being forgotten.
I need: my husband right now.
I am happy about: my life for the most part.

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