Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a few parenting things we've learned so far...

Having Olga live with us has been fun so far. We've had to adjust in some ways but nothing too major. She is very helpful around the house and joins in the playful banter.

There's a few parenting things we've learned so far...

1. Adopt when they are 16 and make sure they have been raised well and are responsible.
2. They will have a first day of school and you should get up in the morning and see them off and not wait till they get home.

3. Kids are always the princess or prince in your life.

4. They will have strange friends.

5. They will go on dates and you will have to sit there awkwardly and talk to them while they get ready to go out.

7. Showing off your muscles is always fun.

8. When they sign up to do something it means you will have to get them there most likely. Even if it's at the butt crack of dawn and freezing cold outside.

9. When they do amazing things like run in the Seattle 5K it makes you very proud.


  1. Aww!!this is soo cool Emily!!I love iitt!!=)=)
    and who doubts it?showing off your muscles is ALWAYS FUN haha and sit there awkardly while playing Christmas music OF COURSE!

  2. thats awesome! i knew you were gonna be a great parent! not to mention Olga is amazing