Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Lutz Family August 14th

So many pictures and so little time...I still have several pictures stuck on my camera because I can't find my card reader and as I am writing this I just remembered I can use my printer as a card reader!!!!

Heather and Brooks were still here I believe over the summer. The below pictures are from August 14th. We got together to have some family time and enjoy each other's company before Heather and Brooks left for Pullman.

Here is Olga with Brooks Jr.
Corey was out on the back deck wanting to play in his pool but it was kind of dirty.
He would step in it anyway and then walk around and leave little footprints.
I love this picture of Corey. I can't decide if he is saying "stop with the pictures" or "what do you think you are doing."
Connor was hard to get a good picture of that night. He was a bit distracted by people and playing with his Alphabet puzzle.
Finally one of me with my nephew Brooks Jr. I sometimes have to beg to get my photo taken. I can't remember if Jared took it or if Olga did.
Now here's the thing I started this blog to help with my journaling for my scrap booking. Not much help here huh. I can't remember most things. Just like scrap booking this takes time to get it done.

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