Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gospel Topic Tuesday: Faith in God

How would you describe faith to someone? While sitting on my front porch with Benjamin on my lap today (10/27/10) I started to think about faith. As I was sitting there watching Benjamin experience things for the first time and wondering what he thought about all the things he was observing and feeling this lead me to think about the wind. How do you describe to a child what the wind is or to believe it is a real thing? You can’t truly see the wind or actually grab it. You can see what its actions do to leaves and branches and you can feel it in your face as it whips your hair around. I mulled this over and over while we waited for daddy to get home from work. Faith is to believe in something you can’t see. Is that not like the wind? Everyone accepts that there is wind and believes in that so therefore we are showing faith in something unseen right? So why is it so hard to accept the fact that there is a God who created this world? Even though you can’t see Him right now or physically grab Him you can see and feel His touch in your life and the world around you. I see God in the creation of life. How a child was born from me with a body that is capable of so many things. I see God in the rain that falls and replenishes the earth. I see God in friendships that are created and relied on for help and strength. I see God molding me into who He needs me to be to help do his work on the earth. I have faith that He exists and that He knows me and loves me.

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