Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Time Marshmallow Boy

Jared found a snowsuit for Benjamin that fits perfectly! Thank you to either Tami or Leslie! It was great taking him outside for his first experience with snow.

Jared was helping Benjamin to wipe snow off of the back of the car.

Sometimes this terrifies me like at the pool when Jared's hands are wet and Benjamin is wet but on the ground with everything dry it was cool. I put the camera in sport mode and had fun. This was the best and highest shot. Benjamin loves it!

I helped Benjamin try to walk in his snowsuit but that really wasn't happening.

Benjamin is flying! I love that face of his. We were outside for maybe 5-10 minutes. Not very long because it is super cold. I think we got up to a roasty 25 degrees today.

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  1. oh i love it. thank you so much for thinking to share these adorable moments with us.
    i miss you!