Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Thanksgiving is coming and I was just thinking how it's a tradition at the Thanksgiving table to share what we are thankful for. Sometimes it's silly like "I'm grateful I don't have a fork in my eye!" and sometimes it's serious and very heartfelt. I am going to try and write something I am thankful for every day this month.

Since today is the 2nd I will write two things I am grateful for.

I am thankful to be a mom! It is the most rewarding experience of my life. Being away from Benjamin today for a few hours made it even more precious to me.

(Benjamin on 7/22/10. My heart melts when he smiles.)
I am thankful for my flexible job. My job is blessing our family financially and making it possible for me to work and care for Benjamin.

(This is Benjamin playing on the floor next to me while I work. This picture was taken 9/25/10.)

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