Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Memories...12 Days of Christmas

My mom says we did the 12 days of Christmas more than once but I only remember one year that we did it with the missionaries. I remember having fun seeing the creative things we were giving to the people. I don’t remember who the family was and I don’t think I actually knew them. But it was fun hauling into our suburban and driving out into the woods. I loved how the dark added to the suspense of what we were doing. We would leave the gift on the front porch and run and try not to get caught or scene. I don’t think I ever actually left it on the porch. I remember sitting in our suburban down the road watching the missionaries sprinting. It was so exciting to be doing something nice but doing it in secret. I couldn’t really tell anyone about it but it made it so fun and worth it.

This taught me about the importance of giving service anonymously and not doing it for the glory or attention. I made bread for the sacrament in our ward for a personal progress project a year ago or so and I enjoyed doing it quietly with no one really knowing except those in charge of the sacrament. I felt great developing a talent and giving a quite service. Eventually it got out and people were making comments about how great it was and for some reason it wasn’t as sweet to me. I believe if the family we did the 12 days of Christmas for knew who we were and I knew them it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

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  1. If I remember correctly, the year you are remembering was when we lived in Snohomish. However, we started doing the 12 days of Christmas for others when we lived in Arlington. The missionaries would visit with us often and I invited them to participate with us. It was so much fun! It wasn't my original idea, someone had done it for our family when we still lived on Cavalero Hill in Lake Stevens Ward. It was funny, we lived at the end of the road and the living room was on the far end of the house so we never did see anyone deliver the gifts. But each night there was a note attached that had to do with which day of the 12 days of Christmas it was. It was so sweet! I felt so cared for and loved! So I kept the notes and used them again each time that we did the same selfless act of service for someone else. That is a treasured Christmas memory of mine as well! Thanks for remembering!