Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Memories...A Handmade Christmas

I think I was 9 maybe 10 when I decided to make Christmas presents for everyone. I think it was August when I had made the decision. I grabbed my mom’s Christmas records and put on the music to put me in the mood for making Christmas presents. I believe this is the year and point in my life where Christmas music became my happy music. I know I drove some of my family members a little crazy and still do.

Now I can’t recall for sure the presents I made but I remember making cross stitched ornaments for my aunts, cross stitching lids of jars with goodies for my uncles and I made my sister Cathy a cross stitched cat pillow. Yes it was a lot of cross stitching! But I had learned how to do it and I enjoyed doing it. I still have lots of pieces to do and finish. This is probably also where my passion for crafting was born.

I enjoyed making presents for everyone. It became a tradition or hope of sorts. I try to make gifts as much as I can because I feel it’s always nice and special to get something that was made by hand especially for you. I do try to do it each year but sometimes my hopes and desires fall a little short but I try and do what I can.

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