Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Memories...First of Many Drops

I can’t quite recall if this memory is the same year as the year I mentioned before of making gifts for all of aunts and uncles but I made my new cousin Cassie a quilt. I had been learning to sew, I think for my birthday or the Christmas before my mom had bought me a package of pre-cut squares for learning to quilt on. It was fun to use my mom’s sewing machine and make things on my own. I felt very grown up. I had decided I would make my cousin Cassie a quilt. I worked very hard on it and didn’t finish it until I was in her driveway on Christmas Eve.

The quilt top was easy enough on the sewing machine but my mom told me I had to hand sew the edge of the quilt. The backing I had chosen was a soft deep green fleece type material. It was hard to sew by hand. I poked myself several times while forcing my needle through. It would be the first of many drops of blood spilt on a quilt. I wanted desperately to finish the quilt on time and I worked on it feverishly. I worked on the car ride from Snohomish to Seattle. Once we got there I was so close to being done. I stayed in the car in the drive way until I was done. I had picked out a box and ribbon and had it with me in the car. After I was done I folded it up and ran inside to join in the festivities.

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  1. I remember getting you that package of squares. You were so excited! I just don't remember it being done. Somedays I wonder where my memory bank is!