Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Memories...My Christmas List

Megan and I growing up were always thinking about the things we wanted for Christmas. I remember when the catalogs and ad’s would come for places like Toys R’ Us we would grab paper, pencils and the ad’s and sit at the dining room table and pick out things we wanted for Christmas. I don’t advise ever letting a child see a Toys R’ Us ad because you see things that look cool but you don’t really need. And you would never have known they existed. Anyways we would make our lists of our hearts desires and give them to our mom or and then Santa.

As we got older and realized that Santa wasn’t real we would share our lists with each other and say I will buy this if you buy me this. This way we always got one thing we knew we wanted. At Thanksgiving Megan told me something she wanted for Christmas and I busted up laughing remembering how we used to do things.

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  1. Too cute! Proof little girls never really grow up.