Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Memories...No Name On The Gift

Jared’s family has a tradition that is interesting. They don’t write names on the presents of who the present is for at least not the name of the actual receiver of said gift. They will write up a key with the words or names written on the presents and who is actually the receiver of the item. I totally understand the premise. I myself as a child would constantly play with my gifts trying to figure out what they were. This way you had no idea which presents were yours so either you messed with all of them or none since you didn’t know.

So on Christmas day when it is time to open presents Jared’s dad is usually the keeper of the list and someone will go up grab a present to start and call out the word or name on the present. Jared’s dad looks over the list finds the word and says who gets it. They then open their present and go pick from the pile and it goes on as such. Sometimes one person opens a present a few in a row even though it is totally random. It really is a very interesting way to manage the Christmas presents and distribution of them.

I think my first year that I shared Christmas with Jared’s family it was destinations and you had to say where it was in the world. I am horrible at geography and had no idea where most of the places were. I would make a random guess and give up. When it comes to geography sometimes I feel pretty unlearned. One year the theme was food, and another year it was inside jokes and sometimes it’s just randomness.

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